The miniature cuisine of the Basque Country is known all over the world.
The so-called PINTXOS are authentic five-star cuisine.
All the taverns of the Basque towns and cities invade their bars with delicious snacks of all kinds.


1. With the help of an expert chef, clients will create typical Basque pintxos. All pintxos will be made with local and seasonal products.
2. The chef will teach how to make each of the pintxos step by step and he will also explain the origin of the products.


3. A jury composed of members of the team from Jai Alai and the chef, will take a walk through the different tables and decide which pintxo is the one that deserves the highest rating.The winning team will be given a small gift,  a TXAPELA, the basque distinctive sign.


4. At the end all the participants can taste the recent made pintxo and drink txakoli (white wine).