We believe that, in this globalized world, what is not known does not exist and is in danger of disappearing. We bet to show the world our culture and our way of living.

The Basques are known for maintaining millenary traditions alive and in perfect harmony with modernity and progress. The Basque Ball and the world famous Jai Alai, more than a sport are a real show of beauty, strength and tradition

Likewise, the harrijasotzailes (stone lifters), aizkolaris (trunks cutters) or the Basque dances, the musical instruments, farm games, bets, etc ... are a spectacular and authentic experience that can not be missed in any event or visit to Euskadi



Who are we?

  • Sum of people with an illusion, with a great passion for what we do: Pelotaris, athletes, coaches, intendants, tourism professionals, managers, creatives, designers and event organizers.
  • Sum of Associations that have joined the project and are an active part: Clubs and ball schools, dance schools, cultural and sports associations.
  • Sum of Institutions and official entities: City Councils, Provincial Councils, Consortiums, professional associations of tourism and culture, who have believed in our good work.
  • Sum of Sponsors (sponsors) that have linked your brand to our activity, gaining in prestige, visibility and brand.
  • Sum of heart and solidarity: We support and collaborate with different causes: WOP, STOP SAN FILIPPO. THE DROP OF MILK OF BILBAO.