Discover basque music and its ancestral instruments involved in joyful rhythms.


 Basque music is the way basques communicate between them and socialise one to another.

 Appart from our own instruments  we have universal instruments like flute and accordion.Basque traditional music sounds alwayrs cheerful and invite people to dance.


  • Trikitrixa

            Typical duo in every Basque Fest playing and singing with a tambourine and an accordion. 

Trikitrixa y pandero

  • Adarra         

Ancestral horn used in the past to                    communicate through the valleys                    and mountains. 

  • Alboka

 Also called  basque clarinet was a      popular instrument in Europe, Africa and part of Asia.The name comes from arabic ´´al-bouka´´ which means trumpet.








  • Txalaparta Is an ancient instrument composed by superior wood to which two participants hit with a peg in each of their hands creating and performing a very special and sorrounding music.The origin of this instrument are the antique cider houses where they used to hit the apples with pegs to elaborate cider and  this action was the announce of the festival´s arrival.The perfect time to enjoy drinking cider and dancing.

Dolaetxea Arizkun


Tocando el cuerno desde una cima



  • Txistu y tamboril    
  • Consists of a simple flute with only three holes and it is accompanied by a drum. All played by one person at the same time. Lots of basque melodies and traditional songs were composed with these simple instruments. It was at the beginning of the XX century when ´´txistu and tamboril´´ concerts were organised, coinciding with the celebration of festivals in the different villages all over the year. 

Txistu y tamboril