A big offer of Dancing and Music Fests full of Traditions.


The Basque Country has deep roots and is one of the richest places talking about traditions, culture and artistic features.

We have all types of traditions as....

Arrueren erromeri baten koadroa

  •  Bertsolarismo (Improvised and sang poems without music).
  •  Popular Dancing.
  •  Music and iour own instruments.
  •  Popular songs.
  •  Choirs.
  •  Farmgames.
  •  Running of the bulls.
  •  Basque Pelota.
  •  An unique way of betting.
  •  Our own Mythology.
  •  Stories ,idioms and proverbs.
  •  Festivals and customs.
  •  Costumes and our own Fashion.
  •  Paintings and sculptures.

Basques have their own Universe with different customs, culture and rituals which are transmitted to the new generations coexisting with modernity and progress.


Nesken euskal dantza

From Jai Alai we want to express our respect for the ancient tradition of animal events but we do not organise or sell any animal spectacle in order to our ethical values.