We offer a big variety of games aimed at  TEAM BULDING, STUDY TRIPS, GROUPS OF FRIENDS, etc.

These games can be organized at any open space, indoor at the Pelota Court or at any Restaurant´s outdoor space.

Different teams take part in a competition to measure their resistance and speed or simply try the game only for amusement.

Clients will be able to meet the true professionals of these sort of sports.

Those are simple games wich test the skill and strength of each team and are based on the traditional works at the farmhouse



Lokotx Jasoketa:Collection of ears: Typical game where participants must collect corn cobs and put them in a basket.Starting with the closest to cart corn. they can only pick one each time. It is a game of turns, passed the baton, where speed and skill is important.

Recogida de mazorcas Foto antigua de familia en un caserío después de la recogida de mazorcas

Boloak:  Although bowling is an international game, has deep roots in the Basque Country. Many of the villages have their own bowling alley nearby the church or close to the main square.Bowling was likely introduced in the Basque Country during the first millennium origined by the stone-cravers as a way to entertain themselves.

Tirada de bolos

Foto antigua de tirada de bolos


Ferra-jokoa:  Iron game.This game consists on throwing an iron horseshoe to into a peg.

Groups are formed and they have to insert the horseshoe in the wooden peg.

Tirada de ferras Foto antigua de tirada de ferras
4 Gizon proba: In this game the different groups have to drag a stone and pull it with some ropes.The weight of the stone depends on the number of people taking part in the team.It also exists the individual modality where the stone is lighter and called "turrón de Alicante". Arrastre de piedra en el probaleku de Getxo Foto antigua de arrastre de piedra de hombres

Hanka paloa: Stilts.

The Basque Folcklore has lots of gigantic characters wearing stilts.

Shepherds used to wear stilts to sight their cattle.

Niños en los zancos Foto antigua de pastores encima de zancos

Igela jokoa: The Basque Frog.A traditional  shooter game. The aim is to put the pieces in the mouth of the frog. The peculiarity of the basque frog compared with other frog games, is that the basque one, only has one hole.

Niños jugando en el Arenal de Bilbao a la rana Foto antigua de juego de rana en un caserío
7 Ingudea: Anvil: An amusing game where you have to push an iron piece over your head.The iron goes up and hits the upper sheet .The more you hit, the faster it goes. Alzada de yunque Foto antigua de herreros trabajando en el yunque
8 Lasto altxaketa: Uprising bundle.A triangle shaped structure holds a rope with a bundle of thatch. Lifting exercise is so hard that when you detach the rope you rise meters. One of the prettiest games!
Levantamiento de fardo en el probaleku de Getxo Foto antigua de caseros con guadaña y rastrillos
9 Orga tira: Pulling the car.This is one of the taughest competition.The participants have to raise a wooden car and make it spin around to the shaft. Levantamiento de carro en el Arenal bilbaino Foto antigua de carro

Trontza: cutting wood.

This game really likes because of the noise and sensation. Also you can take with you the circle, which could serve as a coaster.
Corte de tronza en el probaleku de Getxo Foto antigua de corte de tronza
11 Txingak: One of the most traditional games and there are also Basque championships. They have to run with a weight that are similar to pans of milk.
Jóvenes posando con txingas Foto antigua de exhibición de txinga-erute
12 Ziba:  Spinning top. Take the traditional spinning top into dance.The winner will be the person who dances more time with the top.  Trompa Foto antigua de trompa
13 Zakulariak: It is a race about transporting a sack full of hay.It is played by teams and during different phases.When you finish your phase,you must pass the sack to your partner so as he can continue the itinerary. Exhibición de porteo de saco Foto antigua de sacos con cereal

 Zaku-lasterketa: Sack Jumping Race.The parcicipants have to jump inside the sacks and win the race.


Niña en carrera de sacos coFoto antigua de niños en carrera de sacos

Soka Tira: Tug of war.

Two opposing teams pulling a rope, try to drag the other team to your space.
Exhibición de sokatira Foto antigua de exhibición de sokatira
16 Toka: The player, from an established distance,has to hit the target with a sheet.The target is a bended piece of iron inside a box.