LEARN to play the Basque Pelota game,a MASTER CLASS taught by Pelota professionals.


Learn to play the Basque Pelota in any of the modalities: mano, pala, cesta, or learn a little of each modality.We can teach you and all your friends.

If you learn the basic about this game you will be able to play at any court.Even a wall is enough to play.

We organise private lessons from one to twenty-five people,from  the age of five years old to elder people.Never is too late to start playing this amazing game,the Basque Pelota.

There are Pelota Courts almost in every village in the Basque country. You can choose from a big ammount of different courts.

The Master Class includes the Pelota material,the instructor and the court rental.


Pelotari ensenseñando a jugar a cesta punta Participante practicando la cesta puntaParticipante practicando la cesta puntaParticipante posando con la cesta punta

Take out your MASTER CLASS and come to have FUN with us!